Arman Sarhaddar iVAULT at InsurTech Summit, Istanbul, Turkey

Inspiring talk about iVAULT at InsurTech

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In short: At the Global InsurTech Summit in Istanbul, CEO and founder of Vault Security Systems AG (VSSAG) Arman Sarhaddar, gave an inspiring speech about the iVAULT blockchain and the future of the innovative use of distributed ledger technology. The event was a great success for all of us and the compliments stacked up quickly…

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The iVAULT Speech


In the last blog entry you were given a concrete example of what the cooperation between Golisan GmbH and VSSAG looks like. Companies can now protect their supply chain from counterfeit products in a very simple way and thereby guarantee customer confidence in the authenticity of their optimally protected products.

We also mentioned after visiting the World Economic Forum in Davos at the beginning of 2019 that parts of the management team were going to Istanbul to attend another big event: the Global InsurTech Summit in Istanbul.

Vault Security Systems at the 2019 InsurTech Summit in Istanbul

Vault Security Systems at the 2019 InsurTech Summit in Istanbul

As one of the speakers, Arman was once again able to eloquently and charismatically explain the iVAULT blockchain’s enormous market potential to his listeners. It brought people closer to the many advantages and opportunities that users of VSSAG’s global platform for the protection of material goods will benefit from when they register their products or possessions. This applies to large corporations and businesses as well as to private users who want to protect their luxury goods like watches, cars, or original works of art.

The InsurTech Hub Istanbul team then wrote:

Dear Arman,

We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude towards you for your motivational speech during the conference held in Istanbul. Your views on developing an effective insurtech strategy and its execution have broadened our horizons.

Please accept our appreciation for such a commendable job. Every participant will take your words into practice. You have covered essential elements of insurtech strategy and your description of how to execute it is remarkable.

We once again would like to thank you for such a wonderful speech and hope to get a chance to hear such speeches from you in future also.

Luckily, this interview from the InsurTech Summit was posted to LinkedIn a few days ago. So we are able to gain some insights without having been there.

Arman’s keynote presentation on topics such as iVAULT FinTech or MedTech, InfoSec (information security), and cybersecurity was not the only focus of the team’s visit to Turkey. In addition, we also wanted to forge new contacts with interesting people who also represented their companies there.

Photos of the event can also be seen here.

iVAULT @ Global InsurTech Summit in Istanbul, Turkey

iVAULT @ Global InsurTech Summit in Istanbul, Turkey

But after this successful appearance the founder and his company hit the ground running and will soon move on to the Kapsch Security Day 2019 on 25 April 2019 in the Aula of Sciences in Vienna. This event deals with current security threats, as well as technological innovations and trends in the field of physical, organisational, and IT security. As you can see, it is an event iVAULT must attend.

So, in case you did not make it to Istanbul, here you have another opportunity to meet Arman Sarhaddar in person. But, if you don’t make it this time, your next opportunity will certainly come sooner, not later – guaranteed!

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