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3 Case studies of Blockchain for Asset Tracking and Theft Prevention

What are the best Blockchain Asset Tracking solutions for cargo shipping, logistics, and supply chain management in 2022?
We present 3 case studies of real-time container track & trace and supply chain monitoring solutions to prevent cargo theft and counterfeiting crime for a wide range of industries. One example is our successfully completed pilot case study with the long-established specialist recycling company RCS Entsorgung GmbH from Germany.

CNN, Fox & more:
5 Ways to Use Blockchain for Social Impact and Global Change

We are thrilled. The ivault™ App is available on the App Stores now and seen on CNN, Fox, and other US TV channels since September 2021. However, any future-oriented company also has to take social responsibility. But how can Blockchain benefit society? Well, here is how our Blockchain can help protect our planet and even save lives