Golisan iVAULT geschützte Supply Chain

Golisan protects their products with iVAULT

In short: The company Golisan GmbH has chosen our iVAULT product to protect their supply chain against counterfeiting and fraud.
This news comes with an open invitation to meet us at the InsurTech Summit in Istanbul and the Blockchain Summit in Vienna.

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Golisan trusts iVAULT


In an earlier blog entry about our WEF Davos interview with Jessica Walker, we discussed case studies, which interest to all of us.

In this new article we offer more insights with another case study. In an effort to meet the highest safety standards, Golisan GmbH has chosen to begin protecting its supply chain by registering its products on the iVAULT blockchain.

Golisan natural products - certified by Swiss Quality Testing and protected by iVAULT

Golisan natural products – certified by Swiss Quality Testing and protected by iVAULT

Golisan is a Swiss company that makes and distributes plant-based nutritional supplements. Its products – mostly plant extracts – only contain the highest-quality natural ingredients. As Golisan’s website states:

Our brand name Golisan stands for a return to nature and the recollection of the healing powers that so many plants possess. […] The quality of our products is our main concern, which is why we rely on ingredients from organic agriculture, bottle our extracts in Switzerland and are certified by Swiss Quality Testing.

As you can see, the production of Golisan products is already subject to strict controls. So the next step – to contact Vault Security Systems – was obvious. With their products registered in the iVAULT blockchain, the company can ensure that no counterfeit or fraudulent products are sold.

Now, with the support of iVAULT, consumers will feel even safer in the future. Quality is close to Golisan’s heart.

Vault Security COO Prof. Urs E. Gattiker, Ph.D. stated:

We are very pleased to be working with Golisan on a custom-made supply chain solution. With iVAULT’s multi-functional blockchain, we help Golisan improve product safety as well as InfoSec (information security). This is an important step for both Golisan and iVAULT.

Using distributed ledger technology, Golisan’s customers can be certain they receive original Golisan Cinnamon Extract, made with Ceylon cinnamon and nothing else.

Now, about meeting us in person!


Members of the Vault Security Systems management team will participate at both the InsurTech Summit in Istanbul and the Blockchain Summit in Vienna at the beginning of April.

We are glad to be there and look forward to meeting very interesting people, as well as connecting with new potential business partners.

CEO Arman Sarhaddar is giving a keynote and will be available to chat with you at the event. He will talk about much more than just Golisan’s natural products – there is still more to discuss when it comes to the iVAULT blockchain (e.g. the protection of luxury goods, medical or financial technology supply chains). Arrange your private appointment by reaching out directly to as@vaultsecurity.io.

Vault Security Systems at InsurTech Summit Istanbul 2019

Vault Security Systems at InsurTech Summit in Istanbul 2019

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Lothar Rentschler will be attending the ANON Blockchain Summit 2019 in Vienna.

He will be happy to answer questions from interested investors and partners there. Appointments can be arranged in advance via lr@vaultsecurity.io.

Vault Security Systems at the ANON Blockchain Summit in Vienna 2019

Vault Security Systems at the ANON Blockchain Summit in Vienna 2019

What’s your opinion?


In short, iVAULT uses blockchain:

…an electronic database of transactions that is continuously updated and verified.
Blockchain offers a verifiable, immutable, and public record of transactions such as:

  • stock borrowing and lending,
  • transfer of product ownership,
  • repair or warranty work on a machine using genuine parts, AND
  • electronic patient records.

This digital ledger of activity helps buyers and sellers to be sure that what they purchase is the real thing and not counterfeit.

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