Lamy Safari
Fountain Pen

Timeless classic in many vibrant colours – perfectly ergonomic.

Fountain pen, icon, global success: the LAMY safari has been a beloved classic since its introduction in the 1980s and enjoys a cult status untypical for a writing instrument. Countless colours and ever- changing special editions make hearts beat faster – whether for the pencil case or the carefully curated fountain pen collection.

The LAMY safari is more than the sum of its details: it is aesthetic, robust and individual. The distinctive, self-sprung clip keeps the writing instrument securely fastened in place. The housing, which is made of impact-resistant plastic, makes it a robust companion in any environment and the flattened shape prevents it from accidentally rolling away. Functional details such as subtly ergonomically shaped grip surfaces and a viewing window for checking the ink level blend naturally into the design and make the LAMY safari a modern classic.

Fountain pen for everyday use with polished stainless steel nib.
Ergonomic grip and robust body made of high-quality, transparent CP plastic. Includes 1 LAMY T 10 ink cartridge in blue. Available in different nib widths and also for left-handers.

Recommended accessories: LAMY Z 28 converter for use with ink glass.

Item number: 1215152
Size (W x H x L): 12 x 12 x 144 mm
Weight: 20 g