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Lamy Safari
Fountain Pen

Timeless classic in many vibrant colours – perfectly ergonomic.

Fountain pen, icon, global success: the LAMY safari has been a beloved classic since its introduction in the 1980s and enjoys a cult status untypical for a writing instrument. Countless colours and ever- changing special editions make hearts beat faster – whether for the pencil case or the carefully curated fountain pen collection.

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We are carbon footprint neutral!

Sustainability underpins everything that we do, it’s been the heart of our business and always will be.

About LAMY

LAMY, a renowned German pen manufacturer, traces its roots back to 1930 when Josef Lamy, a sales representative for Parker Pen in Germany, acquired the Orthos pen manufacturer.

With a vision to create stylish and functional writing instruments, Lamy embarked on a journey that would transform the pen industry.

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The LAMY values

As a globally successful family business, the bond with our origins and a common attitude have always formed the foundation of the corporate culture at LAMY.

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