Arman Sarhaddar on Blockchain on the way from niche to mainstream application

Blockchain 2020
From Niche to Mainstream Application

Blockchain 2020: Last week, a new article by CEO Arman Sarhaddar, inventor of ivault, was published on – a German platform for the latest news on IT, technological innovations and digitalization trends.

The Distrubuted Ledger Technology (DLT), better known as blockchain, is evolving from a niche to a mainstream application. We already noticed this clearly emerging trend at the World Economic Forum (WEF 2020).

This blog entry will provide you, as one of our English readers, with a translation of Arman Sarhaddar’s expert insights and some more facts and figures, you should not miss.

Arman Sarhaddar on Blockchain on the way from niche to mainstream application

New article by Arman Sarhaddar, CEO and Founder of Vault Security Systems AG, on Blockchain 2020 auf dem Weg aus der Nische zur Mainstream-Anwendung.

Blockchain 2020: Moving to the next level


Anyone who has ever dealt with the topic of blockchain knows that the technology offers a number of advantages. In B2B business, it provides greater transparency, simplified processes and cost savings. Therefore, it is also relevant for the end consumer – for example, when tracking supply chains and production conditions and providing proof of ownership and product authenticity.

CIO Applications & Blockchain Lösungen: ivault zählt zu den Top 10 Blockchain Solution Providers 2020

Blockchain 2020

Earlier this year we already informed you that CIO Applications from Silicon Valley ranked us as one of the TOP blockchain solution providers 2020 (see certificate). Therefore we can proudly say that we, Vault Security Systems AG, are one of the pioneering companies when it comes to blockchain solutions of the future.

Now that the initial hype about Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) has subsided somewhat, more and more applications are coming into use.

However, it is also becoming apparent that there is still a need for clarification, and that blockchain solutions cannot always be seamlessly integrated into existing software and processes.


1. Small enterprises are still hesitant


… but should not wait too long.

The 2019 Bitkom study (see below) on blockchain in Germany found that respondents viewed the technology with suspicion (9 percent) and curiosity (12 percent) at the same time.

It also shows that the size of the company is decisive for whether it has already dealt with the topic in terms of content. Especially in small and medium-sized companies, the blockchain often competes with other technologies for innovation budgets.

The figures below show the application of blockchain and other digital technologies in companies with more than 50 employees:

Bitkom Study 2019

Application of the blockchain 2020. Source: Bitkom Research 2018;

In the figure above you can see the companies’ size and how many percent of these companies already use the blockchain (blue), how many plan to do so (black), whether application is being discussed (dark grey) or not (grey – this is the case for most companies). No answer/no data (light grey).

Decisions are sometimes made in favor of Cloud Computing and Big Data & Analytics, which are already tried and tested more often, as you can see in the figure above. Therefore, there is an increased risk of missing the boat in regard to blockchain technology, especially for SMEs.

After all, catching up later will be much more difficult and time-consuming on a tight budget. Consequently, it makes sense for small and medium-sized companies to take a closer look at the technology now, identifying areas of application.


2. Cooperation with blockchain specialists makes sense


The Bitkom study points out the strategic approach of companies already using blockchain technology. In addition, most of them are open for consulting and cooperation: Almost two thirds of the companies (63 percent) implement the blockchain together with partners or at least plan to do so.

This decision is particularly important because skilled workers with blockchain competence are still rare, but in great demand. Instead of bringing the expertise in-house, it is therefore more appropriate to work with a specialized partner.

Of course, solutions can still be tailored to the respective needs. A reputable blockchain provider not only supports companies as a technology partner, but also plays an advisory role.


3. Blockchain 2020: On the way to mainstream application


Despite the hitherto hesitant attitude towards DLT, especially in small and medium-sized companies, the technology is clearly on the way to broad application in very different industrial sectors.

A recent global Deloitte study (see below) on the status of blockchain 2020 shows that something is slowly changing. Decision-makers no longer see the technology as merely groundbreaking and promising, but are now treating it as an important part of their company’s transformation and innovation.

According to the Hype Cycle described by the IT research and consulting firm Gartner, distributed ledger technology is thus out of the valley of disappointment. We are now in a phase, where understanding is increasing and companies are implementing or testing the technology: the slope to enlightenment.

The Deloitte study depicts this development over time:

Deloitte study 2020 blockchain applications

Sources: Deloitte’s Global Blockchain Survey, 2018, 2019 and 2020. Application of the blockchain 2020;

This is blockchain 2020: 86 percent of those surveyed already stated that their company management believes in real efficiency gains through blockchain technology in their own company. Two years earlier, the figure was only three quarters. Similarly, 83 percent believe that their own company will lose a competitive advantage if DLT is not applied (2018: 68 percent).


4. Use cases should be thoroughly examined


The attitude towards blockchain technology is thus increasingly characterized by a differentiated (a more comprehensively informed) view, while at the same time confidence and optimism are increasing.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to approach the technology in a considered and prudential way, instead of simply adorning oneself with the term. Some proven applications are already being used for example in logistics and supply chain, and can therefore be quantified economically.

In fact, compared to for example the financial industry, the practical implementation in those areas is already further ahead, although less of a prominent topic.

Some applications receive a lot of attention nowadays and are slowly becoming more commonly used. There are numerous possibilities to integrate DLT into your own business model in a meaningful way. Exciting application scenarios exist in various areas, such as: verification (authentication or data verification) or insurance.

The best conditions for a profitable adaptation of blockchain 2020 are provided by companies that approach the topic with openness and willingness to innovate and that acquire the necessary expertise – either through clever recruiting or with a competent partner.

Arman Sarhaddar iVAULT at InsurTech Summit, Istanbul, Turkey

InsurTech Summit 2019, Istanbul
Another Inspiring Speech about ivault™ Blockchain Solutions

In short: At the 2019 Global InsurTech Summit in Istanbul, CEO and founder of Vault Security Systems AG Arman Sarhaddar, gave an inspiring speech about the ivault blockchain and the future of the innovative use of distributed ledger technology. The event was a great success for all of us and the compliments stacked up quickly… Read this article in German here.

Click here to watch the interview on LinkedIn

InsurTech Summit 2019: the ivault speech


In the last blog entry you were given a concrete example of what the cooperation between Golisan GmbH and ivault looks like. Companies can now protect their supply chain from counterfeit products in a very simple way and thereby guarantee customer confidence in the authenticity of their optimally protected products.

After visiting the World Economic Forum in Davos at the beginning of 2019 we also mentioned that parts of the management team were going to Istanbul to attend another big event: the Global InsurTech Summit 2019 in Istanbul.

Vault Security Systems at the 2019 InsurTech Summit in Istanbul

ivault @ Global InsurTech Summit 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey

As one of the speakers, Arman was once again able to eloquently and charismatically explain the ivault blockchain’s enormous market potential to his listeners. It brought people closer to the many advantages and opportunities that users of our global platform for the protection of material goods will benefit from when they register their products or possessions. This applies to large corporations and businesses as well as to private users who want to protect their luxury goods like watches, cars, or original works of art.

The InsurTech Hub Istanbul team then wrote:

Dear Arman,

We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude towards you for your motivational speech during the conference held in Istanbul. Your views on developing an effective insurtech strategy and its execution have broadened our horizons.

Please accept our appreciation for such a commendable job. Every participant will take your words into practice. You have covered essential elements of insurtech strategy and your description of how to execute it is remarkable.

We once again would like to thank you for such a wonderful speech and hope to get a chance to hear such speeches from you in future also.

Luckily, this interview from the InsurTech Summit was posted to LinkedIn a few days ago. So we are able to gain some insights without having been there. Arman’s keynote presentation on topics such as ivault FinTech or InfoSec (information security), and cybersecurity was not the only focus of the team’s visit to Turkey. In addition, we also wanted to forge new contacts with interesting people who also represented their companies there.

Photos of the event can also be seen here.

iVAULT @ Global InsurTech Summit in Istanbul, Turkey

ivault @ Global InsurTech Summit 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey

But after this successful appearance the founder and his company hit the ground running and will soon move on to the Kapsch Security Day 2019 on 25 April 2019 in the Aula of Sciences in Vienna. This event deals with current security threats, as well as technological innovations and trends in the field of physical, organisational, and IT security. As you can see, it is an event ivault must attend.

So, in case you did not make it to Istanbul, here you have another opportunity to meet Arman Sarhaddar in person. But, if you don’t make it this time, your next opportunity will certainly come sooner, not later – guaranteed!

What is your opinion? Did you attend the InsurTech Summit in Istanbul as well? What was your impression? In your opnion, what other businesses should be using the ivault blockchain to protect their supply chain, so you can trust their products? Join in the discussion and leave a comment. We will respond soon.