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Awards & Publications

CV VC Top 50 Report 2022

Presented At Crypto Summit 2023 In Davos

Vault Security Systems AG has been listed in Crypto Valley Lab’s prestigious CV VC Top 50 Report which highlights the best companies in the crypto space in terms of funding, valuation, and employees. With our innovative solutions for transport & supply chain, we find ourselves among established companies such as Cardano, Solana, and Bitcoin Swiss. What this means becomes even more obvious when considering that Ethereum did not make it into the top 50 this year…

Certified Blockchain Provider 2022

“Clearly Recommended” & Certified For Our High Performance

Certified Blockchain Provider 2022 “Clearly recommended” & certified for our high performance Thanks to our market-proven solutions and successful pilot projects with companies such as RCS Entsorgung, we received the HIPE AWARD 2022: The High Performance Award is considered one of Germany’s most important awards for exceptional performance in the service sector. As an official award winner, we are among the TOP 180 out of more than 14,000 service providers from various industries in German-speaking countries.

Top 10 Blockchain Solution Companies 2021

Securing Supply Chains to Combat the Counterfeit Market

Joining the crusade to battle the counterfeit market and lower the risk of fraud, Zurich-based Vault Security Systems is rising as a top-choice partner to protect organizations from counterfeit products and theft. ivault, the pioneering application built by Vault Security Systems, not only helps companies protect their products by shielding the entire supply chain against fraud.

Top 10 Blockchain Solution Providers in Europe 2021

Vault Security Systems AG is leading the annual listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing Blockchain Solutions and impacting the marketplace. Awarded by Enterprise Security, Europe.

Top 10 Hot Brands of the Year 2021

ivault™ as the world’s first security network for safeguarding your assets has been recognized by The CEO Views as one of the Top 10 Hot Brands of the Year. The journey to building its mark in the industry was thrilling and still is…

30 Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2021

Using the Blockchain to Solve the World’s Security Challenges

Today, Blockchain has come far from its early FinTech-related applications in banking and cryptocurrencies and is slowly revolutionizing our world as more and more Blockchain companies and startups tackle global security challenges with Distributed Ledger Technologies. Read the full interview here.

Top 10 Blockchain Technology Solution Providers 2020

Transparency for Supply Chains and Protecting Valuables

“Whether it is clothing, pharmaceutical, or electronic industry, everyone faces the problem of fake products. Companies need an efficient track and trace solution for their supply chain. This is where Vault Security Systems, a Swiss-American company, is playing a vital role by offering solutions that detect counterfeit in the supply chain.”

Top 10 Blockchain Technology Solution Companies 2020

Vault Security Systems AG made it into the Top 3 of the annual listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing Blockchain Technology Solutions and transforming businesses. Awarded by CIO Applications, Silicon Valley.

Top 25 Blockchain Technology CEOs of 2020

Effective, Affordable and Accessible: Preventing Counterfeit in Supply Chains

“A serial entrepreneur across markets, Arman Sarhaddar is a dreamer by nature who believes in carefully building the strategic foundation that shapes his dreams. […] Vault provides an effective, affordable, and accessible distributed ledger or blockchain solution, helping both business and consumers protect their most valuable assets…”

30 Most Influential Companies of the Year 2020

Solving Global Security Problems with a Modern Anti-Fraud Solution

“Brand replicas, fake industrial parts and counterfeited pharmaceuticals, the so-called “fake industry”, is growing rapidly each year and has turned fraud and theft into some of the toughest challenges that businesses as well as consumers face today. Vault Security Systems aims to tackle this grave issue with ivault, the world’s first blockchain-powered solution to… ”

Arman Sarhaddar on How Blockchain Can Stop Counterfeit Drugs

While you’ve been distracted by COVID-19, counterfeiters have been pushing fake drugs.

“Pharmaceutical companies have tried to monitor their suppliers and verify the authenticity of their supply chain, but full protection has been difficult— until now. Blockchain technology is decentralized, trusted, anonymous, transparent and tamper-proof. All of these characteristics are useful not only in the realm of cryptocurrencies and banking…”

TED Talk on Blockchain at Annual Investment Meeting 2020

The Future of Blockchain Technology and its Impact on Supply Chain and Fighting the Pandemic

CEO Arman Sarhaddar received a personal invitation by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to give a TED Talk on blockchain and its future in supply chain management at AIM 2020.

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